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Stranger outcomes happen,

When opportunity’s tapping,

Wanting in

And you begin

Writing ideas you’re trapping!

He’s written ’bout Christ and trains–

Weather seems worth one’s pains….

Fashion poems are new

As something to do,

And the challenge takes working brains!

I’d say it is channeling energy,

Most of which has left me….

Shapes and sizes

And stylish surmises,

Still need a bard’s entrée.

“An eye for the women.” one said,

Focusing on their clothes instead..

“Clothes make the man”

And women, and can

Leave little more to be said!

YET–a poet describes,

Details that emanate vibes…

Along a track

That likes feedback,

Both positive and wise!

–Jonathan Caswell





He calls himself “fashion poet”,

One or two others know it…

In pursuits

Avoiding lawsuits,

He certainly doesn’t want to blow it!

Him being man and all,

Must carefully judge his call…

With less passion

Than stereotypical fashion,

Not being the Beast at the ball.

Gender matters to him,

Especially if women…

They’re the kind

He most has in mind,

Do they mind if he tiptoes in?

–Jonathan Caswell



At home, work on irrigation

Piping brings up a situation…

When I get home

Tonight all alone,

Am I risking inundation?

Some grass is watered at night,

I’ll be dry if I time it right…

Unwary pants cuiffs

Are subject to puffs

Of water if in the firing line!

Last year I forgot this fact,

It hit me with its timing exact…

Magically wet

Shoes and socks–I bet–

I was sneakily attacked!

–Jonathan Caswell

(MORAL OF THE STORY:   Don’t walk across the grass when the irrigation system may turn in soon!!!!)  🙂