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We humans love theories,

Arguing over trite queries…

Salvation needs

Done by deeds,

Debaters would whip up furies!

Some adhere to total free will,

Or God has us planned to the hilt…

Clever ruses

Debating who chooses,

Causing the hopeful to wilt.

Whether its God or you.

We still have a choice to do…

Come now decide

With God abide,

Or are you stuck in glue?

–Jonathan Caswell


When Troubles come

O Lord, it’s in your strength I rejoice,

And in your salvation that I’m blessed.

You have answered my hearts desire,

Your ears have heard my soul’s request.

Precious treasures you have given me;

You have wrapped me in a cloak of love.

I cried out from deaths door and you came,

Grace answered with mercy from above.

O Lord, splendor and majesty you bestow;

In your salvation your mighty glory shines.

You have smiled on me, and I am blessed,

It is upon your holy word this child dines.

My old heart now jumps with in me,

I dance like a young boy giddy and light.

I shall not be moved, I trust the Lord,

His love guards me through the night.

I will sing praises of your love and power;

My heart rejoices and my soul is at peace.

In times of great trial, when troubles come,

I’ll rest assured that your love will never cease.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 19 August 2015