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I took a fabled RS-1* into the living room

On a tray to try doing some work…

I wanted to replace that body shell with one bought new,

Then progress was caught up with a jerk.

It was the Two-Fourteen I had in my hands,

Numbered for our first letter exchange…

February Second completed the first round

As our relationship grew strong and aged.

The “214” is painted silver with red-white-and blue

Stripe around both hoods (old AMTRAK stock)…

Maybe I’ll just finish changing this one’s couplers’

Putting one of three “NEW HAVENs” on the body shell changing block!

–Jonathan Caswell


All of these locomotives are N scale models of the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) model RS-1…in the author’s collection.  Some of his units are lettered and numbered for important life events….like when he and his wife exchanged their first letters (#214)  or the date they were engaged (#5388…for the date 5/3/1988).



Night-time rain fills vernal pools,

Male wood frogs peep like fools…

Trying to sound worth more than weight

Enticing that perfect date,

Pools may dry up fast:

Quickly find a love to last!

Lasting means a gel of eggs

Sprouting tails and sprouting legs…

All you ladies come my way

Before we see the light of day:

Before this pubble evaportates away!

–Jonathan Caswell