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Stranger outcomes happen,

When opportunity’s tapping,

Wanting in

And you begin

Writing ideas you’re trapping!

He’s written ’bout Christ and trains–

Weather seems worth one’s pains….

Fashion poems are new

As something to do,

And the challenge takes working brains!

I’d say it is channeling energy,

Most of which has left me….

Shapes and sizes

And stylish surmises,

Still need a bard’s entrée.

“An eye for the women.” one said,

Focusing on their clothes instead..

“Clothes make the man”

And women, and can

Leave little more to be said!

YET–a poet describes,

Details that emanate vibes…

Along a track

That likes feedback,

Both positive and wise!

–Jonathan Caswell





His memories of New England various,

Were by and large vicarious…

Mostly pictures he saw

with interest and awe,

His chances of a visit–hilarious!

Point of fact he was too young,

Couldn’t drive himself even some…

The eight-hour ride

Once a summer left wide,

Window for relevant magazines to come!

Still his interest grew,

Past the time when he knew…

This paint scheme was gone,

these ALCOs moved on.

But the history he wanted to view.

Found an N scale engine thus,

Painted just like this—a plus–

To re-enact

Historical fact,

Without too much fuss!

–Jonathan Caswell



He calls himself “fashion poet”,

One or two others know it…

In pursuits

Avoiding lawsuits,

He certainly doesn’t want to blow it!

Him being man and all,

Must carefully judge his call…

With less passion

Than stereotypical fashion,

Not being the Beast at the ball.

Gender matters to him,

Especially if women…

They’re the kind

He most has in mind,

Do they mind if he tiptoes in?

–Jonathan Caswell



PIPPIN, a play on Broadway,

A musical, had much to say…

About wanting life

Beyond house and wife,

The ultimaye thrill foray!

In the end he chooses not death,

A deadly stunt for last breath…

Is left on bare stage,

Two kids, wife, arrayed

In skivvies…all he has left.

In a small way, I understand,

It’s exciting in faerie lands…

My train layout

Once worked out,

Concedes to real demands.

I can’t extend that-away,

To the floor it is a long way…

Gotta choose carefully

The right industries,

The right combination for “play”.

Embarrassed by sudden wealth,

I am beside myself…

At most maybe two

Or three engines do

With the rest staged upon a shelf!

As for my life, it’s grand,

Subject to the Lord’s command…

His love falls like dew

Every day is brand new,

Even PIPPIN would see mine as grand.

–Jonathan Caswell