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A mythical griffin is true

To its nature blue…

Made of rock–

Sturdy stock=–

It never  no never boo-hoos!

Unlike the “comedienne,

Who’s turned herself into “victim”…

Self responsibility

Is unconscionably,

Denied by her or him!

Now a lawyer she seeks,

Someone else must pay her lost “ekes”

She did the act–

No one “made her”, in fact–

Most of us see through her pitiful squeaks!

It’s time for this child to grow up,

As one wag said–MAN UP!…

You’ve gone too far

With behavior bizarre,

With morals you’ve proven corrupt.

(An opinion post! )

-Jonathan Caswell



Morning is breaking and I’m up,

Working out my salvation….

Perhaps it’s time to say that’s enough,

Expressing my derivation.

Light appears by spinning of Earth,

Those who are on it sit still…

Locked to the surface most are from birth

Enlightened by a loving God’s will.

Windows through which we see coming dawn

Closed against morning chill…

Open wide as warm air comes on

List’ning to birdsong trill.

I have to rest–breathing is poor,

I’ll know as I try to walk back…

This foot wound hurts and morning is still,

But how we poets yack!

–Jonathan Caswell