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Beautiful Valletta


Malta is a small island country officially known as the Republic of Malta. It comprises an archipelago of a few islands in the Mediterranean Sea and is 80 km to the south of Sicily which is part of Italy, 284 km to the east of Tunisia, and 333 km to the north of Libya, both of these countries are in Africa.

Valletta is known as The Fortress City, Citta’ Umilissima – “a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen”. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has one of the grandest harbors in Europe overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This city is the administrative and commercial heart of the islands of Malta. It was named after its founder, the respectable Grand Master of the Order of St. John, Jean Perisot de la Vallette. Here the old mingles with the modern and Valletta has been honored with many different titles such as…

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Uncomplicated Freedom



We over-complicate freedom in the Christian life. Through our legalisms, we try to find a way to humanize the redeeming work of the cross because we simply can’t wrap our minds around the supernatural character of God.

It can be hard to understand the complete grace-offered at Calvary because we are incapable of giving that kind of grace. But when God says that he has forgotten our sin, and that he has made us new, he really means it. God is love and love keeps no wrongs. Nothing can keep us from his love. Salvation tore the veil that separated us from the holiness of God. That complete work cannot be diminished or erased by anything we do.

Blessings to you my friends


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Un emozionante brano della novella “Ciaula scopre la luna”(1912) di Luigi Pirandello


Caruso siciliano che esce da una miniera di zolfo

“Restò – appena sbucato all’aperto – sbalordito. Il carico gli cadde dalle spalle. Sollevò un poco le braccia; aprì le mani nere in quella chiarità d’argento.

Grande, placida, come in un fresco, luminoso oceano di silenzio, gli stava di faccia la Luna.

Sì, egli sapeva, sapeva che cos’era; ma come tante cose si sanno, a cui non si è dato mai importanza. E che poteva importare a Ciàula, che in cielo ci fosse la Luna?

Ora, ora soltanto, così sbucato, di notte, dal ventre della terra, egli la scopriva.

Estatico, cadde a sedere sul suo carico, davanti alla buca. Eccola, eccola là, eccola là, la Luna… C’era la Luna! la Luna!

E Ciàula si mise a piangere, senza saperlo, senza volerlo, dal gran conforto, dalla grande dolcezza che sentiva, nell’averla scoperta, là, mentr’ella saliva pel cielo, la Luna, col suo ampio…

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people don’t forget because they love


those who were poor in spirit were unconscious creatures who tried to become rich by stealing matter from their lives.

this fairy of love reads man confronts god those who steal from the life of life even try to steal love,

Dressed in divine light in the cry of Jesus Christ, this fairy fell alone in consciousness.💞

Doctors are not a cure for the lover, the lover should be taken to the temple of the loved one.💖

When the doctor of our heart looked at those loving eyes, this wounded fairy of love would heal with longing.💖💖💖

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