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Stranger outcomes happen,

When opportunity’s tapping,

Wanting in

And you begin

Writing ideas you’re trapping!

He’s written ’bout Christ and trains–

Weather seems worth one’s pains….

Fashion poems are new

As something to do,

And the challenge takes working brains!

I’d say it is channeling energy,

Most of which has left me….

Shapes and sizes

And stylish surmises,

Still need a bard’s entr√©e.

“An eye for the women.” one said,

Focusing on their clothes instead..

“Clothes make the man”

And women, and can

Leave little more to be said!

YET–a poet describes,

Details that emanate vibes…

Along a track

That likes feedback,

Both positive and wise!

–Jonathan Caswell





He calls himself “fashion poet”,

One or two others know it…

In pursuits

Avoiding lawsuits,

He certainly doesn’t want to blow it!

Him being man and all,

Must carefully judge his call…

With less passion

Than stereotypical fashion,

Not being the Beast at the ball.

Gender matters to him,

Especially if women…

They’re the kind

He most has in mind,

Do they mind if he tiptoes in?

–Jonathan Caswell



He saw it happening again,

Desiring more than a friend…

Resisting that pull

To pull the wool

Over his eyes and pretend.

At least once a year he goes,

into these attraction throes…

Always one-way

He dare not stay

Too close to a prospective rose.

Happens so often he

Knows eventually…

The “old nature”


Votes for a juicy affaire!

“Resistance is futile,” some say,

But rather just walk away…

Run if you must

From growing lust,

Be true to your beloved night and day.

–Jonathan Caswell




The hourglass figure

Remains the man’s great love…

Sings about fancy cloth

Fitting like a glove.

Nowadays, shapers

Squeeze her into form…

Way, way back, whale bone slats

Altered her anatomical norm.

Bras and girdles hold in

Extra flesh of women, men…

Stomach wraps and spandex

Redefine our sexy trends!

–Jonathan Caswell