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We humans love theories,

Arguing over trite queries…

Salvation needs

Done by deeds,

Debaters would whip up furies!

Some adhere to total free will,

Or God has us planned to the hilt…

Clever ruses

Debating who chooses,

Causing the hopeful to wilt.

Whether its God or you.

We still have a choice to do…

Come now decide

With God abide,

Or are you stuck in glue?

–Jonathan Caswell



Waiting for answers to prayer,

Specifics of which we’re aware…

Waiting a week

Is tough as we speak,

The cupboard is nearly bare.

Over-drawn checks we paid

For with thirty dollars each, I’m afraid…

Payments came due

And we’re broke through,

From the Deacon’s Fund requested aid.

The previous pastor had a slush fund,

Which now must be moribund…

New system in place:

A week to face

Aa yes or no under the gun!

At our church they’ve rarely said no,

Waiting a week to find out troubles so…

Church friends say don’t worry,

I just know we’re buried–

Without gasoline to work I can’t go.

My wife always has claimed faith,

Two week’s tithe paid last week and we’re not safe…

Money management (my greed)

It may not succeed,

We still can’t agree on some things.

Oh how the Deceiver thrives

Putting doubt in our lives…

Making us deal

With our faithless side for real,

Not trusting in God for our lives.

“Help Thou my unbelief.”**(Mark 9:24)

Help us to await Thy relief…

We praise Thee now

For all Thou dost show,

Of provision for Thy servants we beseech!

–Jonathan Caswell