Jesus Paid it All…by Carl Gooch

CARL GOOCH2:16 PM (2 hours ago)

Jesus Paid it All

I heard the Savior say

Come, both great and small.

Sinful child kneel and pray

Come child I’ll be your all in all.

Jesus, my debt You paid;

To You my life I now owe.

A promise in blood you made

And washed me white as snow.

Lord Jesus, this I know,

It was you and you alone

That rose from the tomb

And rolled away that stone.

Jesus, my debt You paid;

To You my life I now owe.

A promise in blood you made

And washed me white as snow.

When before the throne

I am ask to honestly reply

Who for your sins atoned?

Christ died for me, I’ll reply.

My salvation is in Christ alone.

Jesus paid it all, Jesus paid it all;

To save this sinner from the fall.

Jesus paid it all, Jesus paid it all.

I live for Him because Jesus paid it all.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 05 June 2023

Reely Bernie Faves: Cinema Paradiso (1988)

Reely Bernie

My favorite coming-of-age movie is a tossup between E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (E.T.) and Cinema Paradiso, and I’m going to pick Cinema Paradiso because Spielberg represents other upcoming selections on my Reely Bernie Faves movies list.

Plus, you have to include the Italian filmmakers, right?

As an avid reader of Roger Ebert (RIP), I caught up on everything Federico Fellini, but I always found his work to be self-indulgent quagmire. Antonioni was too ambiguous and Vittorio De Sica too obvious.

Giuseppe Tornatore is a postmodern “just right” for me, and although Cinema Paradiso follows a conventional flashback formula, it is the quintessential sentimental, feel-good movie.

Boy befriends a Sicilian movie theatre projectionist, falls in love with the greats (Charlie Chaplin, Akira Kurosawa, Jean Renoir, John Wayne), and then falls in love with a girl.

Gradually, the boy’s rose-colored journey of movie magic encounters life’s inevitable darker tones when…

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For All Nations


Learning From God's Word

“For my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all nations: a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of your people Israel.” (Luke 2:30-32).
God was doing a new thing. This was not only for the nation of Israel. It was for all nations. We need to be forward-looking. We need to be outward-looking. We will be forward-looking and outward-looking when we are upward-looking – looking away from ourselves to the Lord.

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A Quiet Time With God ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

A quiet time with God,
a time of drawing
a time to meet Him
at morning’s dawning.

A time to get close,
a time to come near
a time to let go of . . .
all our doubt and fear.

A quiet time with God,
a time to be praising
a time to let Him hear
our thanksgiving’s raising.

A time of serenity,
a time full of peace
a time for our gratitude
onto Him to release.

A quiet time with God,
a time to carve out and share
a time to go to Him . . .
with our praise and prayer!


Mark 1:35

And in the morning,
rising up a great while
before day, he went out,
and departed into a
solitary place,
and there prayed.

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2023
Deborah Ann Belka

~ to GOD be the GLORY ~

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Under darkening skies

Havoc and Consequence

That world collapsed, utterly and completely late in his afternoon.
The pulse had stuttered, and the creatures in his mind silenced.
He’d finally reached a point of no return.
A cataclysmic undoing began deep inside his history.
Memories and actions unthreaded, while the skin began to fray.
Tiny tiptoes of bitterness and bittersweetness.
Both at odds and as one with the machine of fate.
He positioned himself by the near chaotic escape.
Leaning on the universe one final time.
Smiling, he watched those he hated pass by with ink spilling from their soul.
Unphased and unfettered by his sudden disappearance.
The loved ones paused, only for a moment, noticing a slight change.
Like a feather landing on an upturned hand.
And then gone, swept away by the breath of god.
His spirit now honey, raised upwards.
He lost his religion, the tethers and the trials.
And with this new found…

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