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Whatever your god may be,

Would you please favor me….

With good words for

A man feeling poor,

Who is hospitalized, you see.

The name of this man is “Zia”,

He’s a pain in the neck but he’s dear…

We both have family

We care for completely,

His burdens lately are severe.

I’ve worked with him over nine years,

We’ve shared a few laughs but more tears…

But men rarely cry,

We still may guess why

Another man’s sarcasm sears.

Lately he’s handled a lot,

His Dad’s hospitalization a shock…

His Momma’s health, too,

Only so much can do…

He’s been working extra hours a lot!

The other family members don’t support

Him a lot but exhort…

Him as the only son

He will be the one

To take it all and hold the fort!

So he called in sick today,

Not surprising his body gave way…

He’s a linchpin here,

Keeping his schedule clear

To work any shift needed a day.

I, myself, pray unto my Lord,

That Zia’s health soon be restored…

He’s a different cuss

But he is one of us,

Working with him, one rarely is bored!


–Jonathan Caswell