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This weekend he understood

Drawing lines in the sand was good…

Beyond which to stop,

Be your own traffic cop

Choosing to do what Christ would.

Isolated for much of the week,

He looks forward to a peek….

At any specimen

Of living woman,

The view is his personal treat.

He sometimes daydreams

Concocting romantic schemes…

For women he’s seen,

It’s all just a dream

For which he has not the means!

He’s learned the hard way that

It depends on where he’s at…

In amongst church and friends

The daydreaming ends,

And that is the end of that.

Daydreaming done with little care,

Can end up a mental affaire…

Which Christ said clearly

Could not be,

Looking with lust over there!

The man is learning his lesson,

Standing his ground for  blessing…

Be a blessing not a curse

Or lose his God first

With women other than his, don’t be messing.


–Jonathan Caswell