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Like redheads with “no souls”

Emotion takes the controls…


They came in to be,

These “Dreamers” want no controls!

Hissy fits about laws

Immigration, illustrate flaws…

Anarchy reigns

Paid for by insane,

Billionaires who want you stained!

The former President is no gentleman

But has harnessed emotional phlegm…

Hidden government

And populist assent,

Began screwing the people back then.

I’m sorry my dear–you are wrong,

Real progress isn’t an emotional throng….

Snap judgment words

Show up the absurd,

Nature of a brainwashed throng!

a political/social opinion post…

For a fellow poet I love beyond words…,but disagree with  much of the time, outside of our craft.  If only you knew how silly you sound!

Love and respect,

–Jonathan Caswell






From this pestilence,

That threatens us harm hence…

Remember that they

Have “Progressive” okay,

To do vulgar violence!

Lots of Hollywood types

Very vocal in their gripes…

Say nothing now

Against anarchist vow,

What else, given their stripes!

Obama ain’t saying a thing,

But seeing how else he’ll swing…

Public rejection

By his party’s direction,

Paid anarchists in the wings!

Hillary is strangely quiet,

Her defeat–will she ever buy it…?

We do pray for her

And her health as it were,

And stay away from jackals that riot!

–Jonathan Caswell

(A political opinion piece–no jackals were hurt in the preparation of this poem—but some two-legged ones need to be watched closely!)