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Do They Really GIVE A JACK???? (NOPE!)



During this “national shut-down”,

Screaming sacrifice drowns…

The “clop” of a golf ball

Presidentially falls,

Just ahead of Congressional rubdowns.

VOLUNTEER programs axed,

While use of the National Mall relaxed…

Denied common folk,

The president invokes

Access for Immigration Rally P.A.C.S.!

People crossing an open park

Are arrested for running before dark….

They’ll call in dogs

Under Federal laws,

For such a subversive lark.

Therapy dogs for children to hug,

The government says are dangerous thugs…

Talking of the kids,

Service to which rids

Nothing but Presidential power plugs.

On the news it is all open,

Maybe too much for me to be hoping….

That this is crass

Enough to pass

As anger which needs some probing.

But the “important” ones are bought off,

All you knotheads who won’t even cough….

While booger-hearted bougies

Laugh over goodies

At all we stupid slough!

The “slough”, as well you may guess,

Is all the voters who said “yes”…

To Obama’s way

As long as he’ll say,

They can live “free” in the mess.

(There are, of course, folks who do really need the help)


The “slough” they laugh at “is” us,

All you poor people worth less than pus…

You voted them in,

Those country club grins

Show they don’t give a “Whack” about us!!!!


–Jonathan Caswell