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(Isaiah 14: 12-15)

The Devil in the Garden

Envious of God’s pardon…

Of innocent lives

And love that derives

From a Heart that is unhardened.

Jealous the Devil was

Of Adam and Eve because…

They walked with God

And thought it not odd

To do so without duds.

Satan himself had been

Considered God’s right-hand man…

But given choice

Chose to voice

Self-pride cherished within!

The Devil–albeit a snake–

Was happy the couple’s partake…

Just as he,

With prideful glee

That less-nutritious cakes.

Tempted to be wise

They did what opened their eyes…

In one breath

They chose death,

Of Spirit connection, besides.

People of faith, we face

The same from the human race…

Our downward knock

Builds up stock

Of sinners refusing grace.

Rebellion to God will happen,

You, His children they’re rapping…

The faithful cling

For Christ to bring

Salvation–God never is napping!

–Jonathan Caswell

TWO GARDENS…by Jonathan Caswell


Adam and Eve in Eden

Didn’t have to do any weeding…

Until the day

They decided to stray,

Then fought  for all they were needing.

A conscious decision just,

When eyes filled with lust…

For being like gods,

What were the odds

Of being then out-thrust?

Another garden comes to view

With another decision, too…

More conscious than the last

A die is cast,

Returning Eden for you.

–Jonathan Caswell

Bible references are:  Genesis Chapter 3, and (among those in the Gospels) Mark 14: 32-42.