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Screen saver—what does he choose…

A ginger tabby to vanquish his blues,…,

Can;t have any more

Cat scratches infect more,

But his memories–those he can use!

Puss Cat, Ginger and Balim,

All names chosen at whim…

The first two

His wife and he knew,

But he grew up with With stubborn Balim!

Balim Yalson Caswell,

The Yalson’s had to back in Turkey dwell…

Our family

Adopted Balie”,

Every year about their cat…we would tell!

Balim, although gradually b lind,

Was as stubborn as his Caswell kind…

Went where he pleased

His last mouse wasn’t teased—

But ignored it–was it not on his mind?

Jonathan Caswell

Picture is representative of hisĀ  many ginger tabby cats!




Thinking of HANDS ON BOWIE,
Reblogged a few posts ago…
We were hoping to adopt one by New Year’s
But the cat did not show.

My wife still wants one
But I’m beginning to deal…
With one less chore in the morning,
Providing that one less meal.

Sure, I still want a furry,
Warm cat to love and to hug…
It should be time to finish the chore
Of cleaning the spots in the rug.

Our medical bills are mounting,
We should try to repay a few…
Not having vet bills to cover
Counters the presence of “mew”.

My wife may not believe I’m saying
We should wait just a little time more…
A friend of ours runs a shelter,
Where a a pair of cat eyes may implore!

—Jonathan Caswell

HANDS ON (MR.) BOWIE is an excellent blog focussed on one fat (?) furry feline from Sweden. No, not a blonde…never saw a picture of Herman, who writes (!) it with/for Mr. Bowie!