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CHILD ADORED…by Carl Gooch


by Carl Gooch

Here I stand

Meek and mild,

Loving Father

I am tour child.

Forgiving Lord

Hear my prayer,

I know dear Lord

You are there.

When words fail

You know my heart,

Your love prevails–

You’ll never depart.

Yes, I am guilty–

My past filled with sin–

But you made a new me

And my victory you did win!

So here I am Lord

Blessed and  free,

Your child adored–

You have forgiven me.

Carl A, Gooch ~ 10 March 2015



In the midst of an old man’s fantasy

About a young girl he adored…

He realized, woe is me,

What if her innocence were ignored?

An elder or a younger man,

With evil on the mind…

Could take her as a mere trophy

Then cast the wreckage behind!

He began to pray unto his Lord

Sincere and fervently…

To keep his adored from such pain,

At least ’til maturity.

Too many young ones taken

By evil men for lust,

Are broken down and lose their souls…

Betrayed by unknowing trust.

The innocence of childhood

In a body that looks adult…

Still needs to be protected,

Not cheated by craft and guilt.

He enjoyed the innocent laughter

That the young woman produced…

Ashamed of his own thoughts after,

How he wished she was ne’er seduced

To give up what and whom she was,

For a single time of loss…

Until the time she could willingly

Love a man who was worth the cost!

He had no daughters, neither sons,

But he felt a burden true…

Praying to protect the innocent ones

Including perhaps you, too.

–Jonathan Caswell