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Time for the birds and bees

Becoming active again…

Amidst the flowers and trees

And pollen in the wind.

I understand the birds

But the bees are not direct….

A hive of female worker bees

Lugging pollen, I suspect.

The symbolism of honey

I’ll leave well enough alone…

Adults may think it rummy

If we expose it outside of the home!

Jelly and honey and candy

All have their uses…

To describe love-making,

But I’ll stay out of those nooses.

A roving eye is on alert high

As layers are gradually shed…

Although inside, a watchful eye

Is never really dead.

–Jonathan Caswell



(An analogy)

Dark Crystal missing a shard,

Made reuniting so hard…

Mystics and Skeksis*

Caught in betwixt,

One wanted prophesy barred.

The Dark Crystal, epic tale*

A result of unity failed…

Churches have split

Over such a snit,

And in that condition travailed.

Spirit-led and liturgist opposed

Find one or the other sore-nosed…

Internal squabbles

Cause Gospel bobbles,

Rivalry is what they chose.

With the missing shard put in place,

So Spirit re-enters a space…

Brother accepts brother

Making room for the other,

Based not on opinion, but Grace.

Separated, few survive,

Christ’s body is One and Alive…

Working as one

In service to the Son

Encouraging each part to thrive!

–Jonathan Caswell

*THE DARK CRYSTAL, an animated movie produced in 1982 by an Anglo-American effort featuring the puppetry talents of Jim Henson and Frank Oz.

A PERSONAL NOTE:  None of this has shown up in the Author’s own church…but due to personal experience in his past, the Author is praying that it will not happen…by the Grace of God.  🙂