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Oblong clouds like “Twinkies”

Fill the evening sky…

Showing cream filling on the edge

As they slowly drift by.

Horse tail clouds at midnight,

Hard to see without a moon…

Then only a certain circle stands out

From the Stygian gloom!

Horse-drawn buggy tracks

Lead across the sand…

Would a “VW” engine

Make that buggy run grand?

Arrowroot cookies tempted

A boy to come inside…

He found no more candy,

The one who trapped him lied.

–Jonathan Caswell



Today I took some poetry

To use at my counseling session…

As a guide to what was going on with me

And stuff I might forget to mention.

Many of us write from inner pain

But using the “third person”…

Easier than to restrain

An unauthorised published version!

–Jonathan Caswell