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He was a space invader

Who invaded Charleton town…

Wearing a silver canister,

To vacuum around.

She told him not to take any guff

From residents at that place…

Apartment dwellers rarely had

Shown him a single face!

Twas awfully dirty in the halls

Of buildings at that site…

They were not cleaned that often

Or perhaps not done right.

A younger man just passed by

With a newer model aboard…

A smaller cylinder of plastic,

That newer invaders afford!

–Jonathan Caswell




November of last year

We lost our Tippie Cat dear…

Wanted to adopt

But have been stopped,

It’s gotten too expensive, we fear.

Our Apartment Complex’s new rules,

Have taken our ability to choose…

Requiring deposits

And carriers in closets,

Correct documentation, or tenancy lose!

It pains us to not have a cat,

No way we can afford all that….

One rules page to three

And financially,

We gotta stay where we are, and that’s that!


–Jonathan Caswell







We’re looking for our kitty cat,

Our old one’s dead and gone…

We’ve had three months to grieve and heal

And it’s time for moving on.

We identified a shelter

That may have whom we need…

A couple of cats sounded interesting,

But nothing’s yet guaranteed.

We don’t have our house anymore

But live in an apartment complex…

We’re only allowed one kitty cat,

In our home of either sex.

This cat must be spayed or neutered,

Something we’ve near always done…

Except for our “Jessie”

Who ran off before he became one.

We’ve agreed on a ginger tabby,

Or a black-and-white, we don’t care…

As long as they accept our  loving

The Lord will lead us to who’s there.

If weather and finances jive

The wife and I…

Will visit the kitty cat shelter ourselves

And pick out our blessing undisguised!


–Jonathan Caswell