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Poor kitty looks asleep,

Snoring, dead to the world…

Lost in slumber–dreaming deep–

Legs akimbo and unfurled!

Somehow cat and flower pot

Came to rest in similar place…

Someone made a lucky shot–

See the dirt on kitty’s face.

Snoring there in the warm sun

For the neighbors all to see…

Siesta taken by more than one,

In the garden comfortably!

–J. E. Caswell



Some folks in trouble deep,

Because they text in their sleep…

Also a few

Change channels too,

On TV–is that finger creep?

–Jonathan Caswell




While in my guard shack, I heard,

A roaring rumbling disturbed….

A quiet day

Slipping away,

While searching for adverbs.

A railroad locomotive roared,

This railfan had indeed scored…

Coming from where,

On the screen it was there,

I caught a glimpse, but no more!

Today I was almost asleep,

When a train came by pulling steep….

Up over the hill,

It was a thrill

To watch on the screen something neat.

I saw the “special” come down,

And later a freight came around…

But it’s still stinky,

The industrial dinky*

Is locked in its shed, with not a sound!


–Jonathan Caswell

* Industrial dinky…is a small switching locomotive used to move small numbers or railway cars around a factory.  Some factories may still have the track in place but no longer can economically use their rail service.