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Overnight temps in the “teens”

…That’s what this winter means…

But we don’t mind

If people are kind

Enough to feed us our “beans”*

We like our coats with fur

And car heaters that purr…

Blowers that blow

Our windows of snow,

And appreciative sounds when we “Brrrrrrrrr!”


–Jonathan Caswell

* “beans”…a slang term for dinner, not necessarily baked or fried beans only.




His wife is precious to him,

Their love overflows the brim…

There was a time

Painful brought to mind,

When a CLUBHOUSE was available to them.

A crisis of her mind

Made her brain inclined…

To think at high speeds

That fostered deeds

To which he was resigned.

That crisis in early Fall

Brought to a point all…

In a hospital setting

No breath was she getting,

For nearly a minute in free fall.

Then she coughed and started to breathe,

Symptoms were gradually relieved…

When she came home

He felt so alone,

Just they two to help her achieve.

Referred to a CLUBHOUSE in another town,

Which got her feet back on the ground…

The community there

Helped each other to care,

A daycare for adults unbound.

They were of limited means,

But the couple found salve for needs…

In the CLUBHOUSE one would

Do whatever he could,

Even to opening cans for “beans”!

We all need some help now and then,

Like acceptance of limitation…

His wife “came back”

With many blessings to track,

And the CLUBHOUSE was there to befriend.

–Jonathan Caswell