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THE VICTORY WON, by Carl Gooch

The Victory Won

It is good and right to praise the Lord
and make music to His name on high.
So proclaim His love in the morning
and declare His faithfulness at night.

With strings and horns sounding loud,
Lift your voice in song to our Savior King.
The Lord is my joy and my peace,
Out of His love He provides everything.

I am made glad by His mighty deeds,
His many blessings rain down on me.
My heart sings with joy at His name,
Forever will I remember His love for me.

Nothing is impossible by His hand,
In His wisdom the complex is made simple.
Fools do not know nor understand,
His loving mercy revealed from His temple.

The Lord our God, is upright and just.
He is our Salvation, God’s Holy Son.
He paid the price we could not pay,
And rose from the grave the victory won.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 09 December 2013



(opinion, based upon church experience and church history)


When I was young, history,

Was very interesting to me…

My church went “social”

Losing its focal

Point as its doctrine went weak.

During my years as a youth,

The church focus went uncouth….

Asking missionaries

Insurgents to please,

While downplaying Gospel truth.

This “Liberation Gospel” style,

Took over Christ’s message a while…

In some churches still

They market this swill,

Repackaged for a new kind of trial.

Whereas Christ died to pay our sin debt

And resurrected as the new life we’ll get…

In “Liberation” He’s martyred

In revolutionary ardor,

And the idea of sin to forgive—Nyet!

My denomination remains nameless

And in some dark corners shameless….

Promotion was made

Of a “Gaia” god-maid,

Whose adherents used deception to “tame” us.

It was a major denomination,

Under an umbrella organization….

Whose leadership went slack

In ways hard to track,

But following political beliefs of the nation!

The Gospel being hijacked,

When the Bible as truth is attacked…

The church tries to gloss

Over the cross,

And the pendulum has to swing back.

(For time is short!)


–Jonathan Caswell