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(on P.B.S.–no relation to a new blog friend!)

Sister Wendy wends her way

Around the world to display,

Objects d’art

A la carte,

Treasures in this modern-day.

From her convent retreat

Sister Wendy finds most meet…

Pictures of desire

Lighting inner fire,

Though her analysis is sweet.

The “making of” special announced,

I readily watched to pounce…

To learn more about

Her habits no doubt,

Presenting it all with great bounce.

I’d grown up with her, by the way,

On a Binghamton station she’d play…*

My parents aghast

At this iconoclast,

Who cheerfully walked away!

–Jonathan Caswell

* Binghamton, NY, WSKG TV (I forget the channel)…in the mid 1970’s…I was in High School, so deemed old enough to watch.  Not sure if my parents really were aghast, but it rhymes!!!




This place feels so much like home,

In New England, weather has shown…

Creative ways

To interesting days,

Though complainers like to moan.

We had a tornado watch,

Til five o’clock and then scotched….

Revere was hit

With a ‘nado legit,

An “F-2” strength was notched!

Whereas we just got our warning,

Dark clouds and distant roaring…

Eventually rain

Off and on came,

When the sun shone, it kept on pouring!

Odd storms for me–nothing new–

Binghamton, NY had them too…

Where I grew up

Changes were abrupt,

Had weird weather at college, too.

–Jonathan Caswell

* Revere, Massachusetts




One summer I took a chance

In picking to my interests advance…

My parents said “sure”

To an archaeology tour,

I’d learn by the seat of my pants.

It was funny to arrive in town,

Board a van and turn around…

To a museum near

Had a parking lot where

They were seeing what would be found.

We worked two to a square,

At the Roberson Center there…

In Binghamton

Where I’d begun

That morning to reach the class elsewhere!

One or two clay pipes

Or portions of same, and snipes…

Were hiding nearby,

I don’t know why,

And some Civil War button types.

A little further from home,

An emergency excavation in Rome…

New York State, that is,


The site for a Victorian home.

Fort Bull, New York,

Was ratcheting up the torque…

The Victorian in pieces

Was an older species

Then the normal time era they worked.

So in a former sheep pen

Field Biology began to spend…

On a salvage job

To map this bog,

I mean–field–for archaeological trends.

We found several fire pits,

Some buttons and that was it…

Then the museum

Put up displays to see them

And proceeded their house to refit.


–Jonathan Caswell

*The author took this college course in the summer of 1982.