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BRAND NEW, by Carl Gooch

Brand New
Brothers, can’t you see?
God made a brand new me.
This is a brand new day,
I walk in a brand new way.
While I was still in the night,
Jesus showed me His light.
He reached out His love to me,
And His mercy set me free.
No longer do I live in sin,
All my fears I give to Him.
He is the source of my life,
His strength conquers strife.
It’s easy to blow with the wind,
Becoming hard and thick-skinned.
But that is the old sinful way.
I’m brand new with a brand new way.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 19 March 2015

NONE BUT YOU….by Carl Gooch


Loving Father, it is because of you alone

That my heart overflows with praise,

Quiet my soul and still my tongue

As you poor out Love’s blessing…

On your servant, holy hands raised!

Gracious King, your way is life,

Truth in your holy word for us to hear…

Your Holy Spirit given

To strengthen our way to Heaven;

Your presence allows no room for fear!

You rise majestically,

Give us rest when we’re weary…

From evil you lead and protect

And bless us ever direct,

A loving Father that wants our best!

My Lord and my God you are loving,

Your miracles faithful and true…

The God of my father’s father

There is no other like you!

Carl Gooch*

* NOTE:  Some of his works presented here are from two or more months ago. I am suspending his “Written on This Date” information to ease the transcriber’s embarrassment!

ALSO–his poetic form has been changed slightly.


PLEASE..forgive me, you fans of Carl Gooch..

I have four (4) of his works to transcribe shortly.

–Jonathan Caswell



Let my words and actions reveal your story,

Open my heart that I may your love proclaim…

Let me be a reflection of your great glory,

Open my lips that I may praise your Name.

Teach me Lord, what you would have me say

With your forgiveness…fill me til I overflow…

By your word lead me along life’s pathway,

That your forgiveness to others I freely show.

Grant me one more day your praises to sing,

With each breath I take be in thanks to you…

You are my source, my life, my everything,

The promises in your word I find true.

On that great Day, the trumpets sounding

I’ll sing your sweet praises with saints of old…

Rejoicing with each step of holy grounding,

Your love has led me home, your hand I hold!

–Carl A. Gooch ~ 16 March 2014

(A Minor Note on Capitalization:  Carl Gooch, as many authors and Bible versions practice, does not always capitalize nouns referring to God or divinity…whereas I generally do.  Hence some differences between his text and my Tags.–J.E.C.)

FROM DUST I RISE, by Carl A. Gooch


Before you I boldly stand today

That I can proclaim His Holy way…

His righteous blood has set me free,

Salvation has come to me.

I was so lost that I did not know

Just how much I needed Him so…

But on me He looked with mercy,

That sin no longer blinds me.

By His grace He came for a sinner,

He found me and made me a winner…

My Lord my strength and shield will be,

He alone gives life and purpose to me!

When from the dust of death I rise,

I’ll join my Savior in the skies…

Thoughts of this world will be no more

When with songs of praise I implore.

When that Day comes, rejoice as one

For I have gone to be with the Son…

My trust I place in God alone,

He is faithful and will lead me Home.

–Carl A. Gooch ~ 24 February 2014

MOMMA PRAYED, by Carl Gooch

Momma Prayed

He was a rough and rowdy boy
Wild as the hills where he lived.
And that old devil would smile,
He’d say look…that’s my boy.

But his momma would pray;
Lord….Lord have mercy
On my wayward son.
And Lord watch over him today.

The devil would laugh and say,
He’s mine now, plan and simple.
And there’s nothing you can do.
Why don’t you let him go his way?

And his momma would pray;
Lord….Lord have mercy
On my wayward son.
And Lord watch over him today.

Then one night sitting all alone,
The Spirit came to the boy;
Reminded him God died for him.
And that he was a child of the throne.

And his momma would pray;
Lord thank you for your mercy..
Thank you for all you’ve done.
Thank you for listening when I pray.

Yes, his momma prayed;
Prayed to God above..
That He would send down His love.
And God answered when she prayed.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 22 January 2014

FOR DECEMBER 31, 2013…..by Carl Gooch

For December 31, 2013

The winds of winter stings our face,
Yet we are warmed by God’s grace.
Blessed are we children of the light;
We need not tremble in the night.

When I look back at the year’s end,
I’ll see the blessings God did send.
This year my family was well fed,
We had a home and warm bed.

Blessed with a loving church family,
Many miracles and joys did we see.
Each day has an adventure with Him,
Trials we had, but He conquers them.

I like to look back at year’s end,
Because for me it’s where I begin.
This day is the day of my birth,
And God reminds me of my worth.

I am reminded of the price He paid,
And the tomb where He was laid.
I’m reminded too how He was raised,
That I may live and bring Him praise.

This year, as in past He filled my need;
In times of doubt on His word I feed.
Even in time when I feel hard pressed,
I know God is with me and I am blessed.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 17 December 2013


For Your Country Pray

Godly people will come and say,
Call to the Lord, He’ll hear you pray.
There is strength in the bended knee,
Come, let us go and voice our plea.

His laws have gone out to the land,
But they have been twisted by man.
His word reveals to us a better way
And it teaches us the truth everyday.

He first love you that you may know,
And that His love you would show.
Some have lost sight of this first love,
And have turned away from God above.

The Lord God sees what is being done;
He knows the wickedness of the evil one.
Turn around you great nation under God,
Follow where the Lord our King trod.

Do not be incited by the world’s evil lie,
Nor drink its pretty poison or you will die.
Your eyes are open, the future is scary.
Turn to the Lord our God; do not tarry.

Heed well, what those Godly men say,
Join voices and for your country pray.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 05 December 2013

THE VICTORY WON, by Carl Gooch

The Victory Won

It is good and right to praise the Lord
and make music to His name on high.
So proclaim His love in the morning
and declare His faithfulness at night.

With strings and horns sounding loud,
Lift your voice in song to our Savior King.
The Lord is my joy and my peace,
Out of His love He provides everything.

I am made glad by His mighty deeds,
His many blessings rain down on me.
My heart sings with joy at His name,
Forever will I remember His love for me.

Nothing is impossible by His hand,
In His wisdom the complex is made simple.
Fools do not know nor understand,
His loving mercy revealed from His temple.

The Lord our God, is upright and just.
He is our Salvation, God’s Holy Son.
He paid the price we could not pay,
And rose from the grave the victory won.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 09 December 2013


Our Righteous Savior

Lord, open our blind eyes,
To our ways you despise.
Let us see and turn away,
From our sins of this day.

Purge our hearts of hate,
And on your word meditate.
Open our ears to what you say,
And lead us along your way.

We live in a world of greed,
On our selfishness we feed.
Our lips have become still,
We do not speak when they kill.
We no longer are shocked
When we hear your name mocked.

You have paid for us the price;
You are the lamb of sacrifice.
We call on your precious love,
Send your strength from above.

We come to you on bended knee
For only in you are we set free.
Lord, remind us to call upon you,
To seek you in all we say and do.
You are our Lord, our focus;
Our Righteous Savior.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 02 December 2013