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The God of all creation

Expressed in wind and rain…

The power of a mighty storm

In glory to His Name.

Hurricane Sandy’s tentacles

Up and down the seaboard reach…

It’s not often casinos close

To hear God’s creation preach!

Empty flagpoles clank noisily,

Their flags are in to dry…

Please pray for those in the midst of the storm

As furies around them fly!

Our Most Excellent God

In a whirlwind makes his home…

Like Job* we stand at His command,

And take in our hearts His tome**.

—Jonathan Caswell

NOTES: *”Job” is pronounced “Jobe” in English.  The Book of Job is in the Old Testament of the Bible.  Chapter thirty-eight, verse one describes God speaking to Job “out of the whirlwind”(KJV)  or, “out of the storm” (NIV).

                **God’s tome is the Bible, both Old and New Testaments…and for some Christians, including the Apocrypha.