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Though some may say it’s beer,*

We’re talking bread right here…

Varied grains

In which reigns,

Human survival and cheer!

Talk of an upper crust,

The part of bread most fussed…

Perfect brown

On it is borne,

Standards widely discussed.

Bread, a common staple,

Generally not tastes maple…

Bread can be sweet

Special days eat,

Whenever and often as able.

Preparation of dough,

Determines uniqueness we know…

Bag a fresh loaf

But don’t be an oaf,

Eating it all, before it gets home!

–Jonathan Caswell

*Beer is about as old in origin as bread….as Egyptian hieroglyphics show. Martin Luther and his contemporaries knew beer as “liquid bread”…having the same ingredients as bread…more-or-less, just fermented and drank.