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“Ye must be born again,”

Is that really difficult when…

Christ says like a child you must be

To believe and join the free,

Repent and it happens then!

Of what do we repent,

Of sin, for we resent…

God’s holiness

While we’re a mess,

From birth til we pay grave rent.

Sin isn’t just what you do

But you’re riddled with iot all through…

A federal head–

Adam, became dead

And his disobedience hits you!

“All have fallen short,”

But God, being good sport…

Had a plan

To redeem man

Without holiness cut short.

Christ–God’s one Son,

Got a body to become…

Representative, yes!

For us by holiness,

Fulfilling the Law on His own.

Then He submitted to death,

To pay the penalty for sin’s whole breadth…

Of possibility

By faith in Him we’re free

Of the curse Adam’s disobedience left.(us).

God sealed His promise for inspection

By making Jesus Christ’s resurrection…

Christ was the first fruits

Of new life from the roots,

Provided us a time–eternal intersection!

Faith of a child will be

Willing to totally…

Accept the Lord

Believe in His word

And do what He says naturally.

Following Christ is adventure

Whether you have new teeth or a denture…

God’s Holy Spirit gave

To the one saved

A special kind of indenture.

For sure, you were bought with a price

Through obedience of Christ…

Who, being God,

Submitted to flawed

Humanity, so the faithful could reach Paradise.

It’s best believing young,

Believing the works of the Son…

Who came as Christ

To pay sin’s price—

Accept what He has done!

Growing in grace takes time,

The adventure is yours and mine…

All of the hard work’s done

We walk where Christ would run,

The Bible shows God’s love divine!

–Jonathan Caswell