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(A Faith Statement)

The People–both Christians and Jews–

Follow the Bible (old news)…

Supposedly respected

Yet dissected

By other religious views.

Those who accept the whole,

Use faith to reach their goal…

Of course Man can look

And he’ll “mistook”

Passages he thinks are droll.

Instead of biting and sniping,

Christians and Jews find exciting…

Common ground

God’s people are found

As Jews…a prospect inviting.

Replacement theology,

Ignores God’s message clearly…

Saying Jews are the guys,

The apple of His eye–

To claim otherwise costs dearly!

Yes, Christian/ Muslim thought

Is often found fraught…

With trying to outdo

The law of the Jew,

Thinking God’s gifts are naturally bought.

Yet God’s words still stand,

Unfettered by conniving Man…

Who would put aside

What God doth provide,

Jesus the Jew is God’s man!

–Jonathan Caswell