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(Sorry–not to that tune!)


Woke up to find it was snowing,

With somewhere for me to be going…

Worried that the roads

Were icier goads

To a panic suddenly growing.

I had to remember

It was not my first December…

But that I had dwelt

In many a snow belt,

Of that club I was a member!

Can’t help what you’re feeling inside,

For proof one must take a ride…

Past the driveway, was wet,

As safe as one gets–

Better than many roads I have tried.

The hills handled with no fuss,

Most were the route of a school bus…

Those routes, I have found

Are really quite sound

For those extra careful like us!

What causes momentary fear?

Slips and crashes of yesteryear…

The first couple of storms

Panic warms,

Until confidence reappears.

In avoiding pushing up daisies,

One prays to avoid the crazies…

Who drive full-tilt

Driving well-built

Monsters through atmospheres hazy.

I pray my way down hills,

Where I lost control many spills…

My biggest clunk

Took a big chunk

Of a fiance’s view of good will.

Learn to trust your town’s sander,

Driving carefully through God’s splendor…

It’s a wonderland

When the roads have sand

And salt to make driving grander!


–Jonathan Caswell








Oh how time does fly

And who would believe….

The longest day of the year

Is tomorrow–tonight its eve.

A blink or two in time

It was just past December…

Complaining about the cold,

Does anyone remember?

One blogger I read said that

It’s all down hill from now…

Forgetting that hotter months

July and August

Cry loud.

Of weather what can I say,

The warmup is welcome to me…

It’s close to the longest day

But I look to the summer with glee!


–Jonathan Caswell