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Instead of tying my rope,

I should be expressing HOPE…

In my God by faith

Is more than safe,

To anyone else it’s a slippery slope.

My Lord has helped me through

Even when I hadn’t a clue…

He and my wife

Have encouraged life,

In Christ I have it all new!

I’m sorry that the depressed

Oft avoid that which brings them distress…

Ignoring your hurt

Isn’t excuse to skirt

The means to our illness address!

I’ll be back in counseling,

Some issues I can’t alone swing…

l’LL say a prayer

Before I get there.

That you can do the very same thing!

–Jonathan Caswell



He knows what most will say

If he tries to explain away…

The quandry he’s in

Taking on the chin

The reasdons he’s not okay.

The house and the car are a mess.

Bringing him down perplexed…

Why is he frozen

‘Bout easily chosen

Methods of reducing stress?

All he needs to do is CLEAN,

Not that hard, it would seem…

But mental blocvk

Makes his talk

Ultimately unredeemed.

He doesn’t intend to flout

His excessive burn-out…

Long term care

Getting nowhere,

His weakness he won’t tout.

Consequently onward he plods,

Hoping to even the odds…

What mind won’t do

Perhaps he’ll break through

Nutritionally, by eating pea pods!

–Jonathan Caswell



Even close friends will say,

Why don’t you will it away…

Don’t feel bad

Think of all you have,

Don’t let depression hold sway!

The few who do understand

Know my life’s demands…

And struggle with diet

And how I’m too quiet,

Needing more caretaker friends.

Health professionals think counseling

For me would be freeing…

Becoming less tense

Would be immense,

Helping even my breathing!

For me, blood sugar level,

Becomes its own sort of devil…

Unstable as such

Hurts me much,

With consequences to food revels.

A friend is right–it’s self-inflicted–

Resulting in behavior well-predicted…

Planning is key

To live uprightly,

Not staying on course gets one ticketed!

–Jonathan Caswell



When one has a secret death wish,

It’s hard to accomplish…

The mending of mind,

To yourself be kind

And carefully filling your dish.

Depression is hardly inclined

To want to ease the mind…

But tends to seek

A way to speak

Through actions unconsciously timed.

The one who has to struggle,

In some kind of love must snuggle…

Whether in God

Or someone less broad,

That poor self-image to muzzle.

A back-handed message in Bible

Is often taken for libel…

Loving others first

Misunderstood, one is cursed

To think one damns self for survival.

The Scripture says “as you love you”*

As that is the first to do…

One can’t express love

If the hand in the glove

Is rotten and self-hating too!

The nurse says I have a “plateful”

But it’s really not good being hateful…

Being distracted

By other protracted

Needs and people more grateful.

Believing God loves me,

My wife has helped me to see…

It still is a fight

To keep that in sight,

For my own sake to stay healthy!

–Jonathan Caswell




Someone who loves life might concur,

He seems to avoid her…

Not as friendly as before

With eyes on the floor,

Hurrying past in a blur.

He’s not really fond of his goal,

A struggle against a foe old…

Ashamed to be


Caught in his usual role.

It’s as if his pleasure

Inexplicably has to be measured…

With no right

Of pleasure in sight,

Nor allowing himself friends to treasure.

He’s shied away so long,

He wonders if he belongs…

To any group,

Would anyone stoop

To admit to him in their throng?

Unfortunately for his whim,

There are many he knows who love him…

His self-pity jag

Won’t stay in the bag,

Depressed, his self-view is dim.

The man has to take a stand,

With faith he has command…

Emotional woes

Don’t point where he goes,

The need of him is in demand.

All is not as it seems,

Despite those morbid day dreams…

All is not lost–

Christ paid the cost–

He can CHOOSE to counter bad schemes!


–Jonathan  Caswell

(A big part of winning…is choosing.)






My sleeping late gave her an air,

And a comment of quiet despair…

You’re back doing THAT,

Under her hat

And couldn’t understand or care.

What I often go through

Some folks understand…just a few…

Who don’t wag their heads

At over-slept beds,

‘Cause they drink a similar brew.


–Jonathan Caswell



5 Ways to Fight Depression

by Sis

Be thankful!  Write three things you are grateful for everyday.  This helps you to focus on the good and not the bad.  Today I’m thankful for trips to my parents to visit cousins, swimming weather, and lots of family time this last weekend.

Exercise!  To improve respect, to be healthy, and to feel and look better. I didn’t get up this morning at 6 like I wanted to, too many late night wakings last night, but my husband bought me a treadmill which I’m excited to start using.  It will be nice when it is raining or freezing or when I’m too lazy to get up before he leaves (can’t leave the kids alone yet).

Journal!  Writing about your life helps you to set goals, think about your time and re-live happy moments. We went to watch one of our good friends teach cowboy camp this weekend, our girls are too little to go but they got to watch kids practice lasso-ing, pony tricks, barrel racing, and train their horses to do difficult things.  Maybe someday we’ll be watching them, they’ve been sitting on their bouncy horse practicing their lasso-ing ever since we got home…..

Meditate!  Spend time alone with God in the quiet so He can lead you. I do this best when I go on long walks, it goes well with my exercise.  Today, I’ll have to escape to the bedroom and shut the door .

Random Acts of Kindness!  Serving others helps take the focus off of yourself.  It is one of the best ways to heal from pain. Hmmm, I’m always doing stuff for my kids but I could probably reach out to people more than I do.  I think I’ll send a nice email to my sister-in-law.

If you’re really struggling with depression, I also recommend getting out of the house and around people and playing upbeat Christian music during the dark hours.

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He’s gotten short of breath,

Walking barely the breadth

Of one staircase

At super-slow pace,

As if he were close to death.

Is it an unconscious wish,

That guides him to eat one more dish…

The ultimate prat

Of a spoiled brat,

An uncontrolled death wish?

His wife wants that he stay ’round,

An arrangement to which he is bound….

Diminishing returns

In his gut sometimes burns,

But the relationship remains sound.

Long-term depression he faces,

Oft closed in by decreasing spaces…

No way to ease stress

But through creativeness,

He finds a way to draw aces.

—Jonathan Caswell