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Making a list and checking it twice,

The wife wants me find pumpkin spice…

The meds I have got

Sure cost a lot,

But being healthy will be nice.

I have to put gas in the car,

Or next week we won’t get far…

Have to pay down bills

As insurance wills,

Or driving the car will be barred.

The Missus wants a new dress,

It doesn’t cost too much, I guess…

Train calendar for me

And let me see,

A new mop to clean up floor mess!

She’ll want some treat when I’m home.

Will peppermint pretzels atone…

For my being a grouch

When she hollers “OUCH”

With pain when I return home?

She sure has been good to me,

I wish I could guarantee…

We always can

Get what we planned,

Instead of saying, “we’ll see!”


–Jonathan Caswell