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APPENDUM “C”…of the poetic work, “THREE WEST”. by Jonathan Caswell




Why did he go “inside?”

Can limericks open that wide…?

He WAS depressed,

Overly stressed–

Giving up was long-term suicide!

Where the Bible says”hate your own life,”

He took it verbatim and right…

No one at church taught

To take as he ought,

So he’s lived most of his life with that strife.

Everyone thinks God is love,

His Spirit fills us like a glove…

If the church in revival

Had taught more Bible,

He would have understood God’s Love!

–Jonathan Caswell

Commendations to the flexible staff,

They’d be high on any bar graph…

This group was mild–

Others are wild–

Working both groups  a task!

Some staff had thicker crusts,

For some strict rules were a must…

Our hero was shaken

By his belt taken,

His pants had a down-ward thrust!

Some who initially seemed hard,

Later lightened up for a bard…

Ad lib singing

A ditty springing,

By request on “Nicole” on the ward!

The teachers opened many things,

To manage those frequent mood swings…

Technique that shapes

Not playing “old tapes,”

Where happiness gleefully sings.

–Jonathan Caswell