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Why all this whining

About continued snow….*

Do none of us remember

Those years of long ago?

When snow and cold were constant

And drifts were often high….

Summers seemed much hotter then

But we didn’t care why.

Now it’s a political football

So crazies can take control…

They’ve been shown up as liars

Who won’t let real data show.

I get as cold as the rest

With all my effort giving…

Life isn’t meant as a soft pillow,

Among this land of living!

–Jonathan Caswell

* P.S.—We have more snow coming (!)…by Thursday or sooner…in my neck of the woods!!!!   🙂

BE STILL….by Carl Gooch


Be still my soul,

The Lord is on your side…

Remember my heart

That His love He did not hide.

The eyes have seen

Many miracles unfold…

The ears have heard

His promises of old.

Be still my soul,

Be still and know…

That Mighty God

Is with you where you go!

Remember what it was like

Before He came…

Do you not remember

The heartache and shame?

Be still my soul,

The Lord is on your side…

Remember, heart,

His love He did not hide!

There is no problem

Great or small…

That He can’t handle

When you call.

Be still my soul,

The Lord is on your side!

–Carl A. Gooch ~ 12 February 2014

(Transcribed from the original–My copy/paste function seems busticated!!!!!–Blog Editor)