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As I sit under a clock,

There’s something I don’t knock…

At end of day

Folks get away,

In order to replenish stock.

Some days don’t bear inspection,

Wanting to start an insurrection…

But then, going home

Leaving that day alone,

Provides a calming connection!

Seeing the exiting crowd I say,

“Sure glad you’re going the right way!”

In various moods

And attitudes,

And some of them shout…HOORAY!

–Jonathan Caswell




A rainy day, in sullen gloom

The aged men sit…

No need to turn the lights on,

Enough daylight’s legit.

The one, in his favorite chair,

The other riding shotgun…

A lot of folks have passed through there

Since this ritual was begun.

Both chairs are slightly angled

Out toward the sun or rain…

Watching for the U.S. Mail

And Meals on Wheels again.

Each sits in his revelry,

Silent as a tomb…

One or both may notice

Someone entering the Common Room.

The elder is hard of hearing

And wears a hearing aid…

You wouldn’t know talking to him,

Responses are delayed!

They sit and watch for hours

From early morn to night…

Getting up for meals and bathroom breaks,

They keep the world in sight.

One takes an afternoon nap

And then others may fill in…

When either of the men return,

Newcomers give way to them.

They see almost all that’s going on,

In the courtyard and in the road…

When Homemakers or Nurses come

We strike the mother lode!

When time is nearing end-of-day

And evening transpires…

The watchful two get up and leave,

Eat and retire.

No one keeps a watchful eye

On the overnight….

No goings-on to entertain,

Just fisher cats to fight.

But shortly after daybreak,

We again see these two…

Sitting near the windows

Watching for anything new.


–Jonathan Caswell