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He trimmed the base of E.H.,

To fit ’round  his un-built T.T…..

Using long-radius T.O.s

So steamers will run comfortably’.

Washington Mills Abrasive

Won’t fit on a switch back spur…

He’ll have to trim a L-H. T.O.

If he wants it to fit, as it were!

A simplified spur to the bakery

Allows a four-car capacity…

No room for corn syrup tank cars,

Would a diverging spur that guarantee?

The bridge over troubled waters—

The waters are on a slant–

Can he build a dam to prove he can

Reconfigure its cant?

The mills he wants to represent:

Stone, wood and brick…

Most will be pictured on back walls,

His illusion…will it stick?

He’s thought of a way to represent

A shed for both coal and salt…

The end of a power plant portrayed

Steam pipes carry power aloft!

All of this on a tiny layout

In proportion to his dreams…

With sleight of hand illusion abounds

For N scale layout schemes.

–Jonathan Caswell

*Mystery solved!  E.H. = Engine House; T.T.= (a railroad) Turn Table…for turning locomotive around;  T.O.= Turn-Out track…to switch the train to another set of rails;  L-H. = Left-Hand Turnout…track diverges to the left for a straight set of rails.  “Cant” = laying on an angle—not level.  “N scale” = models that are 1/160-th of full size.