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Ken and I were talking,

Along came Ron A. walking…

Listening in

How N Scale began,

While two “old heads” were talking!

The early days were rough,

American–very few stuff…

Some ran

To beat the band,

And some ran very rough!

Ken’s brother had N scale,

Imagining “New Haven” rails…

Choices he made

In what track was laid,

And I could join in on the tale.

My experience came to the fore,

Early N scale was a chore…

Limited lines

And imaginative minds,

Made what worked into more!

–Jonathan Caswell

GOOGLE IMAGES—A “Postage Stamp” train set seen on Ebay, similar to my first train set…about 1970-?  Sold by Minitrix…the little engine was a European styled 0-6-0-T steam engine that ran really good!!!  The train cars were of American design.  🙂



You’re the life of the party,

A linchpin in space

Between a friends’ circle

And your ferrets’ place.

The love of your husband

Fills you with joy…

Your heart then opens–

That love is employed!

You name several “mothers”

And you are one too…

Determined to fight

For what’s true!

Befriending the difficult

And challenging near…

You show Heaven’s love

Until Christ returns here.

Enthusiastic advocacy

Despite your own pain…

So glad to have experienced

Your net sum gain!

–Jonathan Caswell

A “Poet Extraordinaire”