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Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my blogs to keep…

If I die after I awake

I pray that one more poem I make

(and blog!)


–Jonathan Caswell





Two roads diverging,

Each going one way…

In life we don’t find these roads one time,

But each and every day.

I found a woman who looked so fine

I had to conquer her…

She was willing to give some ground

And the rest became a blur.

Engaged to be married,

With a full-time job needed on plate…

Relationship roots, or lack of, bore fruit

About which he could not debate.

She found one four months later,

While he took four years to unwind…

She happily married while she parried

The loser, who wished he were blind.

Another intersection presented

A way to get out of his funk…

He gradually found a way to come ’round,

Had to move, so he packed up his trunk.

Finding spiritual friends in the mountains,

Christians maturing like wine…

Healing proceeded however was needed

As Jesus gave him His time.

In a year or two, drawn into ministry,

Eventually convinced of the need…

To stop his striving and carnal conniving

To be from his burden set free.

And then when least expected,

An answer came out of the blue…

In indirect answer of a plea for support

He found a pen pal, too!

For she had just (he learned afterwards)

Submitted to Christ her fate….

What grew from that initial exchange,

Is, after twenty-five years, still great!!!


–Jonathan Caswell





“Walk in the Light while you have it,”

So Jesus Christ says to us all…

Unless by My word your mind is insured

You surely will lose it all.

In John, Chapter twelve

And verse thirty-five….

Our Lord reminds us

To stay alive

By reading  and praying,

Considering every day

That He is our Savior

And He is the One way.

People–historians and

Those who would try

To explain away

With hue and with cry

What hasn’t made sense to the wags

Of the world,

With banners of logic

And men’s pride unfurled…

Continue to claim that

It doesn’t make sense

For God to speak

When He is so immense,

Through this little book

With its quirks and changed lines…

You guys must be crazy

Saying it’s for all time!

Sometime or other we all must stand,

And like the Apostles decide Whose command

Is more important…

Whether logic or faith,

To follow God as we choose

Or what others think safe;

I choose to believe the Bible is God’s…

I know that’s illogical

Given the odds of man’s argument

And historical “fact” determined

By people who later redact

What was said before, never iron-clad,

That very thing makes

Human logic bad.

What I am saying…is we have Light

In human terms, but it still is right,

What I don’t understand God

Will teach me some day,

It could be tomorrow

Or while I pray…

Obviously our vision of God over time

Changes among us by reason or rhyme,

Yet He never changes

But gradually reveals

The Full measure of

How His love our heart seals.

These sixty-six books…

In some places seventy-three…

Reveal what we can handle

Of Divinity,

As active, engaging,

Holy but with love…

Describing relations

With the Most High above.

In Scripture, the folks

Who truly received

Chose by faith to stand

And in God believe…

Their hearts confirmed

Holiness and Love,

Walking in the Light

‘Til welcomed above.

–Jonathan Caswell

Hebrews 11:6…says that without faith it is impossible to please God, for one must believe that God is, exists, and will reward those who seek Him (said in the poet’s own words).



D…Determined for holy deeds
I…Inspired by God’s word
A…Anchored by her faith in Jesus
N…Not frequently deterred
A…Always hopes for the future

M…Married a godly man…

C…Constantly prays for others
A…Answers Christ’s command
S…Suffers what she must
W…Waits for Jesus’ return
E…Elicits other’s blessing
L…Loves connecting with people
L…Longs to go back home (she’s a mountain girl)

My wife longs to visit her family
In the Adirondacks at least once a year…
And longs to go Home with Jesus,
Where she’ll finally know no fear!!!

—Her husband, Jonathan Caswell


(Can be sung to tune of “Pop-Eye the Sailor Man”…or not! Numbered footnotes at the end.)

Why do Christian scholars split
Pauline teaching from the Gospel bit…
Without his preferences
We’d have few references
To prophesies Paul back-lit.

If our critics can split Paul from Christ,
God’s loving nature turns to ice…
Leaving only the Law
With a fatal flaw,
Gentiles can’t get in at any price!

Our critics would force us off faith
Onto works salvation no one makes…
Ignoring Abraham
Who believed “I AM”
And was credited righteous and safe. (1.)

Not even those under laws Mosaic
Totally keep what they treat as prosaic…(2.,3.)
Whether Muslims or Jews
Or Liberals on the news,
Some snicker when the faithful betray it.

—Jonathan Caswell

(1.)…Book of Genesis 15:6; Romans 4:3
(2.)…Matthew 15:2-8
(3.)…”Prosaic”…meaning commonplace or ordinary, nothing really special.




Christmas Eve, what a Thought

At work sitting at my desk here…

Not the only one

At this time of year

Who has some hidden blessings,

That seem hidden so well

That watching The Lifetime Channel

Actually gives me a thrill  :)!

Looking skyward from our post

Mackerel clouds I see,

Fanned into darkness

From a horizon cloud-free…

In the growing darkness

Thin light fades to blue,

A night of anticipation

When the God-Child comes to you!

Back inside, work partners

Discuss passages from Acts,*

Jesus’ resurrection

And logic that impacts…

Wonder at the mystery

Of not enough details,

One finds belief difficult

But in the other, Love prevails.

Please pray for his friend at work

Whose logic is the test,

Belief is not enough for him—

He must explain the rest…

Sometimes he just pokes in fun

But his questions never end,

It would be nice to be blessed twice

For him to find faith, as a friend.

Christmas Eve and working

As is most-half the world,

The ones not deep in slumber

‘Til the sun and sky unfurl…

One of them won’t celebrate,

The other will at home

But both of them seek answers

From The Bible–Holy Tome!


–Jonathan Caswell

*NOTE*: The Book of The Acts of the Apostles, is in the New Testament of the Holy Bible–coming right after the four Gospel books.