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The blog of Demi Monde,

Of which he’s particularly fond…

Accepts HIM as real

Not a character repeal,

From all the way across either Pond.

Her husband is a gem,

She’s blessed so much by him…

Sharing his prize

With our eyes,

Through her talented whim!

Obvious questions arise,

Where adults face beauty in guise…

Of another soul

Secure in their role,

Knowing their own inner lives.

It’s nice knowing it is okay,

To look and appreciate her way…


One can see,

And not let control cords fray!

As a mature blogger following,

This one hasn’t taken wing…

Others I lose

Track (did they choose…

Another platform for blog display?)

A woman blogger who is kind,

To a male fashion poet–that’s fine–

Light relationship

That won’t slip

With due respect–she’s a friend of mine!

–Jonathan Caswell


A fine little ditty,

For all  you fashion pretty…

You do best

When suitably dressed,

Driving us fashion bugs giddy!

A man in fashion review,

Does it help he writes poems too…

Much healthier

Watch clothiers,

Than other things more lewd.

Rejoice with me you pretties,

All I can offer are ditties…


A comment gently,

I hope that is kind and witty!

–Jonathan Caswell