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While people morn, this life must go on,

Tony brought me humus and crackers to feast upon…

Chickpeas ground with garlic

Is supper tonight,

Have a head of broccoli

For a going-home snack just right…

Eating healthy

Will help me feel okay,

Thank you, Lord, for Tony

And friends to show the way!


–Jonathan Caswell



Blessed from the Lord

Unless your life is based in the Lord,
All your struggling has been in vain.
Unless your purpose is from the Lord,
All your efforts have been in vain.

Blessed is he, who walks with the Lord,
Who give respect and walks in His way.
His labors are richly blessed by the Lord,
He will feast from what God gives today.

For the one who follows not the Lord,
He rises up early and his toil is in vain.
His meal does not come from the Lord,
It does not nourish and eats in vain.

Blessed is the house that follows the Lord;
Your wife will love and respect your way.
Your children will proudly call upon the Lord;
Because of what you teach them today.

Your wife and children comes from the Lord;
They should be treasured as a reward.
Polish them with love, present them with pride;
You are blessed by God, His love He did not hide.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 14 June 2013