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Recently wrote a Requiem,

For a dead and buried Friend…

Subsequent to that

Acted like a brat,

Sarcastic  and angry to tend…!

Today while at a doctor visit,

A glimmer of hope exquisite…

My wife was told

Of a black one year old,

“Cuddle-bug” cat needing a new home–are we’s it?

Seeing a photo of the cat,

He’s cute and furry and all that….

Delivered with all his shots

Has a neutering been already got?

Perhaps by New Year’s Day

The kitty cat can come and stay…

Sooner won’t unravel

Our desire to travel,

He rides real good…so they say.

Another blessing came to light

This afternoon from nowhere in sight…

Di. got a phone call

So that it befalls,

To fix her special floor lamp (which didn’t work) just right!

Praise God for His Bountiful Good

For His people, to be understood…

Accordingly grace

Proceeds apace,

From the sacrifice of Christ’s blood!


–Jonathan Caswell