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Screen saver—what does he choose…

A ginger tabby to vanquish his blues,…,

Can;t have any more

Cat scratches infect more,

But his memories–those he can use!

Puss Cat, Ginger and Balim,

All names chosen at whim…

The first two

His wife and he knew,

But he grew up with With stubborn Balim!

Balim Yalson Caswell,

The Yalson’s had to back in Turkey dwell…

Our family

Adopted Balie”,

Every year about their cat…we would tell!

Balim, although gradually b lind,

Was as stubborn as his Caswell kind…

Went where he pleased

His last mouse wasn’t teased—

But ignored it–was it not on his mind?

Jonathan Caswell

Picture is representative of his  many ginger tabby cats!



Researching bakery buildings

I found one named this,

“Tobermory” was the cat

My parents’ last “fur bliss”…

My brother took him home when

Our father passed away,

I hear he died peacefully

Remembered till this day…

I hear he died peacefully,

Remembered till this day!

–Jonathan Caswell


Many dreams lay abandoned,

Gathering weeds with abandon…

A building once good

Sits lost in the wood,

Hoping for someone’s attention!

A mill once useful sits,

Superceded by coffee grinder kits…

Technology slow

Has to go,

Or give investors fits.

Little mill in decay,

Perhaps best to go out this way…

Fond memories

Mumble in the trees,

Waiting for crumbling Day!

–Jonathan Caswell



Millbury Health Care Center,

I stayed while things were tender…

I wandered a lot

But found the spot

Where I had once stood, as I entered.

My favorite P.T. wasn’t working,

But Kelly met me, lobby lurking…

To Activities

I brought one of these,

My book I’d promised when hurting!

Sarah saw me and beamed,

She was just as I had dreamed…

A hug and laugh

On my behalf,

With a roomful of residents deemed.

–Jonathan Caswell

P.T   is Physical Therapist….Rehab is Rehabilitation



Morgan and Janet drew near

To say their poem was dear…


My participating

In memories Janet found dear.

Morgan is slowing down,

Of dog years she’s plied up a mound…

Moving slower

(We’re glad we know her)

Along familiar ground.

Janet shared memories

Of her dog, running with ease…

Of long ago

Letting me know

She appreciates poems like these.

–Jonathan Caswell