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My friends, they never would,

‘Though sometimes I feel they should…

Call me “gimp”

Because I limp,

And sometime don’t walk very good.

I get most of my exercise

At work but realize…

Outside I must train

Myself to maintain

Leg muscle tone (“I tries”).

There’s “always” been something wrong,

A curve in my back so long…

I’ve nearly forgotten

The times I was trotting,

Without a hitch being gone.

When I’m tired I am frustrated

By a limp exacerbated…

I pray I could walk

With no risk of gawk,

By observers as I’ve ambulated!

Starting out on a round stinks,

Partway through I can work out the kinks…

Hobbling less

Is improvement, I guess,

Bolstered by a couple warm drinks.*

Each day is faced step-by-step,

With a minimum of time for prep…

You do what you can

Whether man or woman,

And whatever results–accept.


–Jonathan Caswell

*”warm drinks”—nonalcoholic…remember, I’m a diabetic!!!




I spent Sunday afternoon

On a walk and the garden to groom…

I spent my free time

As I was inclined,

Picking dead spikes from lilies gone soon.

The problem is, I didn’t keep

Up with exercise this week…

One leg is stiff,

It won’t make a “diff.”

I have to do rounds as I speak!

I’ll get along with the limp

I have ’cause one leg is gimp…

You’d think by now

I’d learn somehow,

That I’m not limber as a chimp!


–Jonathan Caswell