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Christmas shopping lasts

Through Christmas at every sale

Great sales in August!

Hungrier each minute

See a cook pot–what’s in it?

EW–slimy fish  worms!

Green Christmas forecast,

Not time yet for winter blast…

How ’bout white spray paint?

Pickings very thin,

Bonus check  kept them afloat…

Gift lists shorter still!

In America,

Children dream of many things…

How many come true?

Sleigh bells vibrating,

For deep snow they are waiting…

Bicycle wheels on?

No children at all,

Our celebration is small…

Christ comes in the flesh!!!

God to man did come,

Through Mary the bless-ed one…

Defenseless baby!

Wise men followed stars,

Herod’s hatred bore him scars….

Tricked, he killed them all!

Festive parties run

Glitter edifies no one…

Believe and choose God!

When all is silent,

Reflect on Jesus being…

Born to live, then die!

–Jonathan Caswell