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We are climbing to Garnet Mountain,

Site of a Garnet Mine…

Adirondack river fountains

Ease the gentle mountain mind.

We are running up the river

Going to her mountain home…

Place where she was born and raised up,

Place from which she’ll never roam.

Climbing Garnet Mountain

Visiting the mine…

History from stone and sweat

Cherished over time!

–Jonathan Caswell

NO MORE TEARS…by Carl Gooch

No More Tears

Do you dwell in a home,
Where you tremble alone?
Is the quiet of your night,
Filled with fear and fright?

On a pillow moist with tears,
Are you tormented by fears?
In the darkness of your room,
Do you feast upon the gloom?

There is a small spark of hope,
Grip firmly to the rescuer rope.
With each word His love shows;
Promises spoken, hope grows.

His loving promises are true!
The Good News is for you!
No matter how bad your day,
Christ is the truth, the life and way.

It is in the dead of night,
When no help is in sight.
He hears our mournful plea,
And comes to you and me.

Rejoice our Savior lives!
Oh what comfort that gives.
With Him, there is no fears,
In His arms, there is no more tears.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 13 July 2015



Growing old…growing colder…

Looking back over the shoulder

To what used to be.

Stuck between youth and age,

Discontent and filled with rage…

Interest is there

But life isn’t fair,

One loses one’s place on the stage.

The things that used to please,

A body’s functioning flees…

With a dance card

Nothing stays hard,

One’s left with a frustrating tease.

Preparing one’s self to lay down,

Give up and melt into the ground…

If time for that

Should be old hat,

Yet not ready to be bound.

There’s life in us still,

It’s all a matter of will…

Endeavoring to strive

And stay alive,

‘Though loss is a bitter pill!

Rememb’ring the people I’ve known,

No more than images I own…

Contorting the way

I wish I could stay,

Yet knowing I’ll soon be Home.

–Jonathan Caswell




What monument will you bring

Home to Christ the King…

Be it gold

Or words untold,

Or a salvation song to sing?

Will He take the trouble

To accept wood or stubble…**

That will expire

In fire,

Leaving you burnt-up rubble?

Heavenly gold is found

In souls all around…

Believers must

Help them to trust

In Son of God’s safer ground.

The Apostle Paul’s testament***

Were the ones to whom he was sent…

By Spirit’s call

Preaching Christ, Lord of all,

Discipling as he went.

Except for our mortal chains, we

Cannot aim for higher than he…

Who poured his life

Out in spiritual strife,

Saving souls for eternity!


–Jonathan Caswell

* Ebenezer…a monument of remembrance (see 1 Samuel 7:12 )

** wood…stubble:  1st Corinthians 3:12

***AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Maybe the Poet got his meanings fouled up…this poem seems more in line with 1st Corinthians, than 1st Samuel!  But Paul did call, in 2nd Corinthians 3:1-3, the churches he discipled for Christ his own references in regard to his own work for Christ’s Gospel.   —J.E.C.







Now that commotions have settled down,

What did you get this year…

Was it more than ties and socks

Or plastic mini-reindeer?

Part of this Christmas we bought ourselves

And guarded jealously…

My New Haven Rail calendar

I definitely wanted to keep!

I received a couple of imitation rocks,

Labeled with “FRIENDSHIP” and “HOPE”…

A ceramic bell (and socks as well)

From an aunt who has helped us cope.

I bought my wife a STAR TREK

Calendar…got a hug around the neck…

And  the trip up north, we sallied forth,

Where we spent a week to connect.

We both got new shoes for the year,

Even on sale, we paid dear…

Did you see the change

In poetic re-arrange,

It’s your turn to stand up and cheer!  🙂


–Jonathan Caswell




As I sit under a clock,

There’s something I don’t knock…

At end of day

Folks get away,

In order to replenish stock.

Some days don’t bear inspection,

Wanting to start an insurrection…

But then, going home

Leaving that day alone,

Provides a calming connection!

Seeing the exiting crowd I say,

“Sure glad you’re going the right way!”

In various moods

And attitudes,

And some of them shout…HOORAY!

–Jonathan Caswell