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My family’s aluminum canoe,

Was something I wanted to do…

But a girl said “no”

She would not go,

Even one wet shirt wouldn’t do!

By myself I couldn’t lift

And maneuver the family gift…

E’en though we’d marry

She refused to carry,

Our canoe o’er a single portage lift!

So, I had to leave it there,

Less chances of mountain lake air…

I’m up a creek

With no canoe of which to speak,

With my cane, forest walking takes care!

–J. Caswell

IMAGE:  a Grumman aluminum canoe similar to our family’s.



Gentle Reader, look this way,

Check out our Header display!

The “RS-1” clan

Slightly overran,

My thinking a lot–you’d say!

These ALCO locomotives

I like–so, what gives?

I was bitten

By at least one I’ve ridden,

An excellent way for a railroad fan to live!

I have N scale models

For some of these I can “throttle”…

Too many “choo-choos”

For one guy to use,

The layout is plugged like a bottle!

–Jonathan Caswell


ALCO RS-1’s “R” US

Looking at my   N scale roster,

One model I particularly foster…


Good memories flung,

From  Flemingville station , but costlier!

–Jonathan Caswell



How many of us go “ape”

Over a particular shape…

The senses beaming

Because of meaning

That object facilitates?

When I say “ALCO RS-1”,

A lot of raised eyebrows begun…

What is emotive

‘Bout a train locomotive,

A specialist has to run?

For me, it evokes a time,

Volunteering on a railway line…

And a museum

With a group of per diem

Men who got along fine.

Like memories of Elton John*

That group was where I belonged…

Common goals, yes,

And funny train dress,

Reality made for a song.

So I see an RS-1,

And memories of good things run….

All over my plate

In mental state,

It’s with them that I had more fun!

–Jonathan Caswell

* As in Elton John’s “CROCODILE ROCK”….”I never knew me a better time and I guess I never will…”

Image from northeast.railfan.net



Did you know Internet libraries

Of images are extraordinary….

Finding key words

Open up worlds

Beyond what most records carry.

A State Hospital is where my Dad

Worked, and it had…

A coal-fired plant

The steam of which went,

Wherever heat was had.

I never got inside,

Was too young and too scared to hide…

It fascinated

The trestle grated,

From train cars the coal would slide!

Then within the last twenty years,

The plant shut down (no tears)…

With less occupied

Smaller plants were applied,

Most buildings were left empty for years.

Of the two small steam plants used,

One had woodchips to choose….

As an alternate source

And isn’t needed, of course,

Only one plant still warms its flues.

So I chosen to model

My past (though not in a bottle)….

Woodchips and coal

Fired plants are my goal,

Which my model trains will serve, full-throttle!

–Jonathan Caswell

(image on Bing)



The Wells Fargo wagon

In the musical, MUSIC MAN…

Brought anticipation

For every boy and man.

Raisins from Fresno

Or maybe cross-cut saw…

Instruments for the Professor,

Deliveries met with awe.

I’m awaiting delivery

Of a very special gift…

For myself (the wife okayed)

To my attitude lift.

Other things have come

From other companies…

But it hasn’t yet arrived

And I am in the lees.

An ALCO S-2, in N scale,

From a good company…

It hasn’t come while other things

Have come already!

I wanted one with zebra stripes

Looking close to the one we had…

At our railroad museum

‘Though the colors are off a tad.

My model passenger station

Is painted like that one then…

I’d love to run a tourist train,

Even if it is scaled “N”.

So I’m waiting for my package,

I’ll check if the bill’s been paid…

It sure would be disappointing

Given all the dreams I’ve laid!

–Jonathan Caswell