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(**using the tune of that hymn…ALL TO JESUS I SURRENDER**)

In the morning I remember

That my Lord hath us-ed me,

In the byways of my living…

Even most recently!


He directs it all,

He directs it  all…

Many times when I was His servant

He directs it  all!

In the midst of tribulation

I  remember blessings broad,

When my life seemed  very tender

At His glory I was awed!


Each person I helped or needed

Came in His time into view,

And with feeble efforts turning

I did my job to do.

Many times I’d not see blessing

Til from there I was removed,

Gracious open understanding

Shows how God His servant used!

In the listing I’d be bragging

Of the Lord but not of me,

He’s the One who leads me forward

In His grace a tool to be!

He directs it all,

He directs it all,

Many times I am His servant…

He directs it all!

–Jonathan Caswell