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By your mighty hand you lifted me,

Your power my enemies did see…

For your loving blessing in all you do

With my last breath I will praise you.

You alone are my God and my King,

I know you are with me in everything:

In weakness when illness seized me

I called on you and you set me free,

You paid the price my soul to save

And rose again, a new life you gave…

I’ll sing your praises–I’ll never quit–

You spared me from that evil pit.

In your mercy I rest day and night,

That I may praise you in your holy light…

Wrapped in the warmth of your grace,

I rejoice in the piece of your holy place.

The storms will come and winds blow

But I’ll not be shaken in what I know:

The Lord my God has shown mercy to me

And my life now will a living witness be.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 09 June 2014

WHAT HE DID, by Carl A. Gooch


Jesus shed precious blood for man,

He paid the price of sin’s demand…

His love poured out that dark day

That we might live in a better way!

And though a sinner you may see,

My Lord came and set me free…

I am a man and sometimes fall

But my loving Lord forgave it all.

The Lord Most High, my Savior be,

He was the lamb of sacrifice for me…

He filled my heart–it overflows–

I will praise him that the world knows!

I remember my life filled with sin,

I was lost not knowing where to begin…

I heard him calling but run and hid,

But now I praise Him for what He did.

A miracle was given to me that day…

Now there is no day I do not pray!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 27 March 2014