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arose from bed this morning at the wife’s clarion call…

the Home Health aide would soon arrive…

actually, a nurse and a student nurse came in,

I escaped , out-numbered, to survive!

in the common room one see’s the hordes descend,

health providers flow into the breach….

working out health plans designed with intent

maximizing life and health for each.

now my wife, two nurses and her aide can entertain,

while I will ply my trade nearly alone…

but for Joanne and the neighbors who pass by

working in the common spaces here at home!

–jonathan caswell

(P.S.—My spell check is having a field day with this writing style!)



Young aides in very close quarters,

Is why he himself orders..

Stay out of the way

Go elsewhere to stay,

Stay out of very hot waters.

Too easy for an arm to slip

Around a waist–soft grip…

Could be the end

Of aide service friend,

Jusxt a reminder and tip.

Today he came back too soon,

Again, there wasn’t much room…

He could have slipped

But got a grip

On impulses which for there was no room.

–Jonathan Caswell



A young man at bank drive through,

The pretty young woman would do…

Working among women

Was his head swimming

With all he might see, too?

I think he was “Eddie” by name,

An intern at the eye doctors’ came…

To be a technician,

Not normal tradition

But tried his best, all the same!

I was an “honorary woman”

With Home Health Aide staff meetings coming…

“Now Ladies,”she’d say,

Nodding my way,

You are keeping this Agency humming!

In nursing homes the dementia ward,

Was where I worked the floor…

Women and men

And back again,

Nothing that was untoward.

Of course not all wanted me,

Most men, especially…

A sweet young thing

Gently washing

Was tender reality!

Women who couldn’t realize

I was a man were mostly mine…

A young one with injured brain

Made me nervous all the same,

News reports of abuse frightened the mind.

This subterfuge was my job’s death knell,

I didn’t transfer one that well…

Nurses’ station was full

Of folks with great pull,

Surprised a few colleagues as well!

–Jonathan Caswell



She had a tired look,

This Aide who seriously took…

My wife on

To straight up, “Mawn”,

Told me, in effect, to “book”.*

One more bag of trash,

Disposed of with panache…

Until they were through

What they had to do,

When I returned I could crash.

So gave them extra time

By posting more on-line…

Apartments small

Won’t fit us all,

My wife needs her chance to shine!

–Jonathan Caswell

* “to book”….to go (away) somewhere else