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I come out Coffee Wednesdays

To the computer to post,

And behind me when the ladies come

I get to hear the most…

Outrageous kind of language

And dirty stories too,

I am ashamed to turn around

‘Til that conversation’s through!

Oh…the ladies ’round the table

At coffee-pastry time,

Put all their vast experience

To have a real good time…

I’m glad I am not sitting there

But cower on the side,

This group of ladies together

Have such a wild ride!

Those coffee and doughnuts…

Are the ingredients all safe (?),

Should come and see the hub-bub

Among the ladies at this place…

It is not being recorded

For deniability,

We men sit back and let them go

And glory at the glee:

We men sit back and watch the fun

At midweek morning tea!

–Jonathan Caswell