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The Comp’ny where I spend my time

Had a power loss today…

The electric in the neighborhood

Has all gone down, they say.

The power company says

That until eight pm…

Our neighborhood’s darkness,

Won’t be set right til then!

One department’s getting hot,

No emergency power for cooling…

The smell of it reaches way down the hall

We really, really aren’t fooling!

I got my e-alerts out,

My boss reminded me so…

Looks like things might be back on soon

And the rest of the night is slow!

–Jonathan Caswell



(Can be sung, to “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” but you don’t have to!)

I haven’t dared ask as yet,

Ukrainia was their home…

And often-times they’d visit

The remaining folks back home;

Taisa was rather nice,

We grew up side-by-side…

Appreciating each other’s

Intense ethnic pride.

I hope their relatives o’er there

Are safe and un-endangered…

A troubling time Ukrainians

Have definitely endured;

Please pray for Orthodox churches

Priests, bishops and all

That they might offer comfort

In the midst of political walls!

–Jonathan Caswell